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Varga Sculpturing

  • Varga Sculpturing Studio

    Varga Sculpturing Studio is known internationally for creative works in all materials, including stone and bronze.  Varga statues can be seen in many government locations, churches, museums and in private collections.  Please check the links above for examples of the wide variety of art produced by Varga Studios.
           Sculpture restoration services are available.


    296 N.E. 6th Avenue 
    Delray Beach, FL 33483  561-278-7549 


    Grosse Pointe, MI 

    Cararra, Italy

  • [Marlins]
  • [Man In Flight]
  • [Birds In Flight]
  • [Sail Into the Future]
  • [First Responders Memorial]
  • [Raphael]
  • [Boy With Fiddle]
  • [Sea Horses]
  • [Spirit of the World]
  • [Die Auswanderer (The Emigrants)]
  [Pyramid of Man]

Vargas’ - Four Generations
Ferenc Varga   View over 100 works by Ferenc Varga (2.1 mb PDF)
Frank Varga   A brief biography
Stephen Varga
Michael Varga
Press Releases (3.4 mb PDF)

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